Thursday, 16 October 2008


possibly the funnest dress i own.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


This is what happens when i stay in for too long. Jenja castles.


I didnt know it was chav night till i got there so i stole someones hat and went back to my east end roots


Number of starbucks mugs stolen this week: 7


I found a really good vintage shop in Nottingham today. Even though it looks like a jumble sale they had some really nice things

Literally hundreds of dusty shoes

I bought 2 things - a blue patchwork dress that is huge so im going to take it in and the funniest snake dress ive ever seen. I will take pictures of it soon.


The new family. Well 3 of the people i live with, the other 2 were probally staring at the lazers.
There was so much shit cheesy music all week going from sclub 7 to queen to razorlight. But i got drunk and danced anyway.


Ive moved! i now live in Nottingham trent university halls...
its just bigger than a matchbox

and this is the excuse of a wardrobe

But i love it.
Freshers week has just ended and the actual fahion design course has started. Im doing pattern cutting this week...scary times.