Friday, 22 February 2008


Although i havent posted in a week it is for good reasons - OPEN DAYS
here is a summary of what i think of the universitys i have seen:

Winchester: the textiles & fashion course looks really fun but the town looks like an oversized retirement home.

Kingston: the fashion course has really good industry links apparently. But for some reason they want you to be amazing at photoshop = me not applying.

Brighton: Obviously the place is brilliant and the course sounds really good aswell BUT they only have spaces for 24 on the fashion course and 700+ apply. hmmm.

Loughborough: There are so many things wrong with this place that i cant list all of them but the worst reasons are - Its in a field. There are about 7 shops in total. There is a few night clubs who all play 'cheese music' i dont want to find out what cheese music is. Everyone wears ugg boots. The head of textiles seemed suicidle and felt the need to explain to everyone why UCAS was so 'tacticle' this year. I feel if i go there i might be peer-presured into wearing ugg boots.

Nottingham: Loved it but it is verrrry cold.

Bristol: Havent been to see it yet but apparently its a shed in a field.

London College of Fashion: im already there so i know what that i love it but getting on the womenswear course looks very unlikley.

Friday, 15 February 2008


Just what i need- another online vintage shop to tempt me. But here it is theURBANcollection
Its got everything you want in an online shop, well edited, well organized and not extortionate prices. So without further ado: my favourites: red peplum mini dress - casual enough for day but demure enough for night, the graphic two-tone green dress and the leather peplum dress which i have bought - pics will follow when i recieve and i expect that'l be a while as its an american website.
As for the accessories front, they have some serious wine coloured strap heels and they always seem to have a variety of lace up victoriana style boots. The only thing ill complain about on the shoes front is that almost all of the shoes are sizes 7-10 which is no good for people like me with size 5!
Anyway this site is definatley added to my favourites list.

Thursday, 14 February 2008


Oh ruffles you are so pretty and you make me smile, so its lucky that im seeing lots of them in the spring summer 08 collections and mostly recently from St martins graduate Christopher Kane. Kanes s/s 08 consisted of de-constructed denium, oversize sequins and RUFFLES lots of ruffles.. and it just so happened that today at my college we were taught how to create these fabric shapes.

How to create a ruffle: cut a circle of fabric with a smaller circle in the middle then cut through to the inner circle. Then all you do is hold it up so the length of fabric drapes and there you have it!
Below i have shown a couple of things you could do with your ruffle but the possibilites are endless.. as a sticky up collar, the edge of a dress, cuff of a sleeve...

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


One trend that is probally easiest to carry off is the romantic one - theres a variation of it every year - another reason to never throw your clothes away!
On a boring Sunday i decided to do something with this trend and knowing that i had lots of lovely chiffon in a draw somewhere and some left over fake leather (is there a name for it?!) i set to work. i did a moodboard first to see what things i wanted to include and..well i like doing them. I decided that i wanted to make a skirt using gathering at the waist to make a pretty fairy like style and use different shades of neutral coloured chiffon. But i also wanted to give it a harder edge to stop it looking to airey fairey so thats why i have added a leather waist band.

I have not hemmed the skirt yet so thats why it looks a bit straggely, but i might leave it like that..

Monday, 11 February 2008


For a while now ive been trying to find a copy of the christopher Kane leather circle skirt (there is no way i could afford the real thing without resorting to selling my cats, family etc.) Ive tried ebay - using keyword like leather and gathered but all i get is a transvestite shop trying to sell me a crotchless pvc dress (since when were dresses not crotchless??)

So anyway ive made one. It didnt exactly work because its not a circle/skater skirt but it is gathered and (fake) leather so it has some kind of hint at the original?!
(please excuse the mess that is my room)

Wednesday, 6 February 2008


I passed this in Bricklane yesterday. I think it used to be a crack den but theyve borded it up recently, sad really it look much more interesting when it had teddy bears on crucifixes..(hmm) anyway this is the wonderful work of mighty mo....

Last night me and queen laura went to Ministry. All of the signs pointed to it being an awfull night - It was raining. Bad music. Too many people wearing smock tops with flared jeans to even count. And far too many kitten heels to be alloud. All in all the fashion was atrocious BUT vodka and mixer was 1 pound 50p so it got considerably beter! On top of that everyone got free police hats. I have no idea why. But ive decided to were mine out wherever i go

WARNING: bad quality phone photo

Sunday, 3 February 2008

drape and draw

Oh Summer when will you come and resuce me from the icy grip of Winter??

On another note i have just stumbled across pictures from my 'drape and draw' lesson at LCF. I have decided that this will be my first post as i cant think of anything else.
'drape and draw' involves getting into pairs and pinning fabric on one of your pair to create some sort of design - and then drawing it. Its really fun!