Friday, 22 February 2008


Although i havent posted in a week it is for good reasons - OPEN DAYS
here is a summary of what i think of the universitys i have seen:

Winchester: the textiles & fashion course looks really fun but the town looks like an oversized retirement home.

Kingston: the fashion course has really good industry links apparently. But for some reason they want you to be amazing at photoshop = me not applying.

Brighton: Obviously the place is brilliant and the course sounds really good aswell BUT they only have spaces for 24 on the fashion course and 700+ apply. hmmm.

Loughborough: There are so many things wrong with this place that i cant list all of them but the worst reasons are - Its in a field. There are about 7 shops in total. There is a few night clubs who all play 'cheese music' i dont want to find out what cheese music is. Everyone wears ugg boots. The head of textiles seemed suicidle and felt the need to explain to everyone why UCAS was so 'tacticle' this year. I feel if i go there i might be peer-presured into wearing ugg boots.

Nottingham: Loved it but it is verrrry cold.

Bristol: Havent been to see it yet but apparently its a shed in a field.

London College of Fashion: im already there so i know what that i love it but getting on the womenswear course looks very unlikley.


ca said...

Good luck in finding the right uni and course:)

My Snow Globe said...

Good Luck with whichever one you choose.

I went to Kingston - didn't do fashion but was at the Knights Park campus. I loved it!

Anonymous said...

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