Friday, 15 February 2008


Just what i need- another online vintage shop to tempt me. But here it is theURBANcollection
Its got everything you want in an online shop, well edited, well organized and not extortionate prices. So without further ado: my favourites: red peplum mini dress - casual enough for day but demure enough for night, the graphic two-tone green dress and the leather peplum dress which i have bought - pics will follow when i recieve and i expect that'l be a while as its an american website.
As for the accessories front, they have some serious wine coloured strap heels and they always seem to have a variety of lace up victoriana style boots. The only thing ill complain about on the shoes front is that almost all of the shoes are sizes 7-10 which is no good for people like me with size 5!
Anyway this site is definatley added to my favourites list.


Wendy said...

Thanks for the review on this site! I really like the shoes they have.

l c w said...

yayyyy big feeted people like myself finally feel INCLUDED.

Miss Woo said...

Love it! Currently saving some money so I can buy an item from the site..

Molly ;) said...

I so love shoes.
They are my lovers.

Molly ;) said...

Oh yes- and are you at the London college of Fashion? you said you were are LCF in an earlier post so i was wondering if thats what you meant?
Im looking at colleges at the moment- so if you are there whats it like?
Im considering applying there aswell as St. Martins so advice would be very useful! :)

Queen Rosie said...

Molly -
Im doing my foundation in art and design at london college of fashion at the moment and i would really recomend it! its not bitchy like some people think and its a really nice place to study. I was really stuck between choosing st martins or LCF but im really glad i chose here.
What course were you thinking of applying for? x

BlossomClothing said...

i love the red dress and the shoes!
they would look lovely together :)
your profile is cool
fancy swapping links?
email or comment me :)
love from blossomclothingx

Daniela said...

i love that look of the dresses with belts it;s so cute! i just saw a great linea pelle belt on and on sale i cant wait to wear it with a dress like that