Wednesday, 6 February 2008


I passed this in Bricklane yesterday. I think it used to be a crack den but theyve borded it up recently, sad really it look much more interesting when it had teddy bears on crucifixes..(hmm) anyway this is the wonderful work of mighty mo....

Last night me and queen laura went to Ministry. All of the signs pointed to it being an awfull night - It was raining. Bad music. Too many people wearing smock tops with flared jeans to even count. And far too many kitten heels to be alloud. All in all the fashion was atrocious BUT vodka and mixer was 1 pound 50p so it got considerably beter! On top of that everyone got free police hats. I have no idea why. But ive decided to were mine out wherever i go

WARNING: bad quality phone photo

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