Thursday, 16 October 2008


possibly the funnest dress i own.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


This is what happens when i stay in for too long. Jenja castles.


I didnt know it was chav night till i got there so i stole someones hat and went back to my east end roots


Number of starbucks mugs stolen this week: 7


I found a really good vintage shop in Nottingham today. Even though it looks like a jumble sale they had some really nice things

Literally hundreds of dusty shoes

I bought 2 things - a blue patchwork dress that is huge so im going to take it in and the funniest snake dress ive ever seen. I will take pictures of it soon.


The new family. Well 3 of the people i live with, the other 2 were probally staring at the lazers.
There was so much shit cheesy music all week going from sclub 7 to queen to razorlight. But i got drunk and danced anyway.


Ive moved! i now live in Nottingham trent university halls...
its just bigger than a matchbox

and this is the excuse of a wardrobe

But i love it.
Freshers week has just ended and the actual fahion design course has started. Im doing pattern cutting this week...scary times.

Monday, 29 September 2008


seriosly this balmain S/S 09 is too much.
I would happily wear both of these everyday for the rest of my life.


nice tea.


Since im moving into nottingham uni halls soon ive started to collect decorations to make it look nice. So far i have 3m of white tulle, fake flowers, bunting and a clip on bird which actually works as a hair clip too, and a long mirror which ive been painting.


Laura and the Katies

The best hot chocolate in the world

elephants made of plastic leaves.

I went to visit laura in her new brighton house and met her lovely flat mates. One is a bit of a perv though.
Got to hers at 4, went for hot chocolate and talks about dead sea gulls on roofs and then we drank vodka back at her house.
The plan for the night was to go to a pub then a club but it ended up with going to a houseparty which was so packed but it was good then we went to investigate brighton and one of the katies gave us an ultimatum of getting chips or her getting sick everywere. After deliberating we decided on chips and went on a long and trecherous journey which ended in a nasty kebab place were i got a strawberry ribena. The night ended with us going back to the house for more vodka and dub step sessions.

Thursday, 18 September 2008


I got some new shoes today which i can actually walk in, which is handy, for walking.
Im ashamed to say were they are from.


really cool window displays in selfridges. Yes ive forgotten who they were by.


My new bow pin!

Free popcorn in a weird 1 minute cinema thing.

I had a really fun day today.
Met Laura at 1 to go shopping in Soho for art materials so we got to see the pretentious but good looking indie boys in music shops. Then we tried on £200 stripper shoes that we did not buy. We then went to selfridges to look at their rediculoulsy early christmas displays.

The day ended with drinking sangria and eating olives in st christophers place and getting free hot chocolates from starbucks.


Sunday, 14 September 2008


Today i was sad becuase lizzie left today so i got dressed up for no reason in my new dress and shoes.

The shoes were £8 from primark but i cant walk in them and the dress is from spitalfields market and was £20

Friday, 12 September 2008


a while ago i ordered some lace collars from ebay and they came today!

and the lovely ebay seller also sent me this pretty bowtie pin which i love more than breathing


flowery fabric - 50p
bag of ribbons - 20p
lace caridgan -£1.00
ring - 50p
'rolex' watch - £2.00
pretty button tin - free!


Lizzie is leaving me on Sunday to go to Bristol uni. In a couple of weeks Laura is also leaving me to go to Brighton and finally on the 4th oct i will also be leaving for Nottingham. We are all studying fashion/textiles

Yesterday me laura and lizzie had our goodbye day which included shopping, buying cheap heels which made us 6ft tall and wearing them down oxford street.

Then we went for dinner and 2 for 1 cocktails at giraffe in liverpool street. Our night ended with watching tea dancing by spitalfields market which was strange but lovely.

I will be very sad on Sunday.