Monday, 29 September 2008


Laura and the Katies

The best hot chocolate in the world

elephants made of plastic leaves.

I went to visit laura in her new brighton house and met her lovely flat mates. One is a bit of a perv though.
Got to hers at 4, went for hot chocolate and talks about dead sea gulls on roofs and then we drank vodka back at her house.
The plan for the night was to go to a pub then a club but it ended up with going to a houseparty which was so packed but it was good then we went to investigate brighton and one of the katies gave us an ultimatum of getting chips or her getting sick everywere. After deliberating we decided on chips and went on a long and trecherous journey which ended in a nasty kebab place were i got a strawberry ribena. The night ended with us going back to the house for more vodka and dub step sessions.

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