Tuesday, 12 February 2008


One trend that is probally easiest to carry off is the romantic one - theres a variation of it every year - another reason to never throw your clothes away!
On a boring Sunday i decided to do something with this trend and knowing that i had lots of lovely chiffon in a draw somewhere and some left over fake leather (is there a name for it?!) i set to work. i did a moodboard first to see what things i wanted to include and..well i like doing them. I decided that i wanted to make a skirt using gathering at the waist to make a pretty fairy like style and use different shades of neutral coloured chiffon. But i also wanted to give it a harder edge to stop it looking to airey fairey so thats why i have added a leather waist band.

I have not hemmed the skirt yet so thats why it looks a bit straggely, but i might leave it like that..


Miss Woo said...

Ooh I like, the colours and style looks quite Christopher Kane.

WendyB said...


ca said...

super :)

however i prefer the skirt you made before :)

daddylikeyblog said...

That skirt is gorgeous! If I saw you wearing it in the street I might kick you in the knee and steal it from you. Also, I think we may sort of look alike. And wow is this comment creepy yet?

Queen Rosie said...

ca -
i prefer the other skirt aswel! i only made this one because i was bored.

daddylikeyblog - please dont kick me in the street. for your own saftey. as i am a crime-fighting super hero at weekends.

Anonymous said...